“Design, When Everybody Designs” – Ezio Manzini in Malmö

cover ezio manziniEzio Manzini, leading thinker in design for sustainability and founder of DESIS network, was MEDEA‘s guest on 10th of September, for a talk on his book “Design, When Everybody Designs”, a synthesis of Ezio’s last 10 years of learning in the field of design. A short overview of the book would be understanding the role of the expert designer in a society where everybody designs and how they collaborate in creating social innovations.

Malmö Högskola‘s new Niagara building was filled with music, as MEDEA’s first talk this autumn started on the needle of a gramophone followed by a rather blunt introduction to everyday social innovation, illustrating the “banality of evil” in terms of the current refugee situation in Europe and social initiatives that are born from it. Such local discontinuities, as they break from the normal way of thinking, aim at solving problems, while also producing social links and overall anticipate, as a whole, to sustainable living.

One of the more interesting points of the talk, in my opinion, was the discussion around what Mr. Manzini refers to as Uberization, pointing out to one of the well known creative community initiatives that has grown into a perfectly designed but otherwise terrible monster. Nonetheless, it is important to mention that between the heroes and monsters, there is a whole spectrum of initiatives and organizations that require different levels of engagement inversely proportional to their sustainability. One cannot engage completely in creative communities’ initiatives in all aspects on ones life so in this sense it is important to have a variety of options with different levels of engagement from which people can choose, thus avoiding burn out.

Update: The full talk is available here.


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