Welcome to the Mingle Inn!

The name of this blog goes back to an old idea I had to build a space where people would mingle, but also feel like at home, encouraging a soothing environment for creation and innovation. I chose to keep this name as I now see this blog as a space in itself in which I wish to encourage communication and sharing of ideas.

Portraying the evolution of my different research interests, the blog sections follow my previous academic work and connected thoughts and ideas, as well as reflections on events in the field of social innovation from my two homes: The Öresund Region (Denmark-Sweden) and the Basque Country (Northern Spain).

If you find any interest in my ideas and research, you are most welcome to comment, share or contact me.


Innovate conference in San Sebastian

On 18th of February, Fomento San Sebastian organized the Innovative conference on Social Innovation for cities: challenges and opportunities. Reuniting experts in social innovation from across Europe, Kursaal Congress Center was the host of an engaging 6 hour conference with two main talks followed by two round tables. Local organizations (Tabakalera, Sinnergiak and Deusto Push) shared their … Continue reading

The 3 principles of Spaces for Social Innovation

In my previous post, “what are (not) Spaces for Social Innovation“, I went briefly through a few examples of self-proclaimed social innovation spaces and tried to look at how they describe themselves and what can be some constitutive elements of Spaces for Social Innovation. As a starting point for an emerging theory on spaces for … Continue reading

Why am I interested in Spaces for Social Innovation

During my bachelor, I got involved in several student organizations and co-funded one myself, together with 5 other colleagues. I was fascinated by the power of youth collaboration and its outcomes. I later heard of Incubator 107, the place where “anyone can learn from anyone anything”. What a wonderful idea! And why aren’t there more?! … Continue reading

What are (not) Spaces for Social Innovation?

What are spaces for social innovation (SSI)? What do they do? What spaces deserve to be under the SSI umbrella? This may sound as obvious questions. From the name itself, “spaces for social innovation”, it seems that these spaces define themselves through their purpose. In a previous post I discussed that “for”, refers to “intended … Continue reading

Why it is important to conceptualize Spaces for Social Innovation

I have recently written my master thesis, basing my research on “spaces for social innovation”, understood by us as physical spaces that enable and aid social innovation. We recognized the need of a clean concept with clear characteristics with which different initiatives can be compared and reviewed but I left that idea aside. Recently I … Continue reading